Marc-Antoine Daignault, Gabriella Giurleo, Sabrina Savastano, Christopher De Fenza

AFFIX produces and sells hypoallergenic earrings that are both fashionable and interchangeable.

TEAM Althica

Hyunsun Jun, Meiram El-Enam, Dalia Kamal, Setareh Iran Nejad

Althica socks provides you with the practicality of removable foam insoles, anti bacterial and wicking technology for fashion shoe lovers so you will feel clean and comfortable throughout your day.

TEAM Bavarts

Meagan Dib, Paméla Prévost, Sandra Suarez-Casavant, Nathalia Duarte Camara, Christiane Bonneau

Promote local craftsmanship from artisans, creators and designers by enhancing their visibility while becoming the main fashion reference.

TEAM Brushology

Nicole Machlout, Lisa-Marie Lopez, Vanessa John, Alyssa Sorella-Bondu, Marikar-Kristine Montes, Shayna Grace Mac Ausland-Berg, Pamela Rodriguez-Rivera

Built in a sleek design with proprietary advancements, Brossologie Hairbrushes are constructed to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome for salon professionals without compromising performances and durability.

TEAM Caché

Shamini Rajagopal, Maria Camila Rey Consuegra, Vidurjan Tharmalingham, Alison Harbec, Kelsey Brown, Noor Qadri

Our concept specializes in designing and selling sexy and trendy dresses with a uniquely integrated built-in shapewear feature that adds comfort and inspires confidence.


Malorie Phelan, Kelly-Amelie Therrien, Laura Bao, Michelle Dimas-Bassolo, Thanh Van Ho

At Évo, we elevate the travelling experience, from journey to storage, while respecting the environment, one trip at a time.


Julia Di Lorenzo, Hassani Johnson, Tatyanna Rivera, Vanessa Cortese

Our mission at Faux is to provide fashion forward, environmentally friendly coats for women offering interchangeable faux fur trimmed hoods and a unique, personalized signature.

TEAM Freespace

Mélanie Boulanger-Gauthier, Jade Dubé-Volel, Justine St-Gerlais-Thibeault, Samantha Paredes-Carbonell, Yvane Ndjobo

Facilitate men’s travel and business trips, thanks to multifunctional bags that adapt, according to the needs.


Huafu Guan, Amelie Verreault, Naomi Labrecque, Lana Sultan, and Qi Yang

Le Bag offers a fashionable, multi-purpose, re-usable tote bag that is reversible and made from sustainable materials.


Audrey Brunelle, Camile Portuguais, Maude Boulanger, Chanel Castonguay-Raymond, Joëlle Maltais, Léa Quesnel, Rosalie Gouin

The essence of this unique and prestigious Montreal men’s community. A unifying space where services are available at your fingertips. Welcome to Le Repaire.

TEAM Minutia

Sabrina Lavallée Suade, Dimitra Moshonas, Erine Chen, Ericson John de Robles, Lorena Paredes Meneses, Tori-Majenta Macdonald

Minutia is a specially designed private label footwear brand that provides women with the solution of wearing high heels without compromising comfort, personal style and their love of fashion.


Katia Legendre, Jia Dai, Stefany Chacon Sanchez, Coline Lendais, Gaëlle Picoutkagan Washish

Mamü is a great collaboration between the indigenous know-how and the latest trends in fashion with a guarantee of quality.


Alyssa Kaitlyn Colpitts, Laurence Duchaine, Ilyssa Gattoc Oliver, Karesh Khurtoo, Aira Marie Montes, Marissa Nicole Noviello, Kylee-Isabella Lapman

Offering sustainable wellness products and minimalistic styled wardrobe essentials, NAO is a brand for the modern woman that seeks comfort, and fluidity in her pursuit of living a clean and holistic lifestyle.

TEAM Out of Stock

Chantal Gauthier, Ipek Naz Davran, Chloe Silvano, Anastasia Coatney-Howard, Despina Kolokithias, Sarina Furtado-Mota

Out of Stock provides a unique service concept that offers Sneakerheads fully wearable artwork that has been crafted to perfection allowing them to elevate their shoe game and preserve their favorite pairs.

TEAM Sweetsixty

Kevin Alexandre Quérette, Vanita Charbonneau, Roxanne Léonard, Julie Ruimy

Ageless is a fashion stylist agency for elder women who feel the need to regain their identity with trendy clothing while developing the community aspect among them.


Tala Sultan, Shiwen Chen, Panagiota Makris, Borami Son

XL. mens wear cater to men of stature, those who need a little extra attention, finding just the right fit. We create the clothes you need in a wide mix, everything from spirited and modern to subtle and classic.