TEAM Argentum

Our company offers quality men’s underwear that ensures safety
against the dangers of magnetic waves.

TEAM Atelier Meso

Atelier Meso, a vertically integrated men’s suiting retailer, offers a unique off-the rack solution to the needs of the mesomorph man.

TEAM Atelier Minna

Atelier Minna is a Montreal based manufacturer that offers women’s apparel anchored by eco-responsible, sustainable and transparent practices while surpassing consumers’ expectations in terms of fit and quality.


Creating mid-range clothing adapted to the changing body of pre-teens while offering a community aspect that distances them from media created hypersexualization.

TEAM Bid 2 Win

Our platform targets the fashion enthusiasts who crave a specific item but do not have the necessary means for it. By paying $ 2 to participate in the prize draw, the participants have the possibility to acquire a fashion dream item of their choice. We guarantee everyone the chance!

TEAM Bubble Baby

Bubble Baby is a Canadian based vertically integrated e-tailer offering children’s swimwear featuring U.V. protection, thermal layering and enhanced buoyancy.


CHLDRN, a Quebec based manufacturer, offers parents environmentally friendly adjustable outerwear for their children.

TEAM Diligence

Diligence is a Montréal based unisex leather bag manufacturer. In collaboration with local artists, Diligence creates unique hand painted and screen printed bags.


ENTITY is a vertically integrated online retailer of sustainable bags. Built on authenticity and transparency ENTITY delivers high functionality through a minimalist aesthetic.


FOKUS is a vertically integrated e-tailer of men’s performance wear based in Quebec.  We satisfy our consumers lifestyle needs for comfort and style through our innovative and technological designs.


G.Y.B. is a vertically integrated Canadian bag e-tailer and customization service built on the importance of individuality and self-expression. G.Y.B. offers a guilt-free shopping experience by donating funds towards school supplies for Canadian children in need because let’s face it kids are the future!

TEAM GraffiTee

GraffiTee, a customized t-shirt e-tailer based in Montreal, allows the consumer to embrace the art of the street.

TEAM Here & Now

Here & Now offers a unique and personalized medium to high-end home beauty service platform. Our clients are young professional women between 25 and 45 years old. Our beauty service platform, Here & Now, focuses on the safety and ethical aspect of the business by working with certified beauty specialists. 


IDENTI.T is the very first Montreal brand to unite ethics, modernity and trends under one banner. The brand is committed to abolishing gender barriers by creating genderless street wear garments designed to celebrate this new, youth-oriented lifestyle movement.                                
                Authenticity   .   Equality   .   Love


ISA is an online vertically integrated retailer based in Montreal, continually working to offer women trendy and stylish modest wear. We seek to inspire the strong, beautiful and bold woman’s wardrobe with garments of quality, variety and vibrancy. Our designs translate strength and poise that empower and encourage women to bloom in ISA.

TEAM Les Fringuées

Les Friguées offers a variety of unique, trendy, and flattering clothing pieces for the modern woman who wishes to extend her wardrobe without the costly investment.  We offer an intelligent rental alternative for our innovative wardrobe which alleviates the burden of overconsumption.


Nude is a 100% made in Quebec lingerie company offering skin-tone underwear, available in several shades that match various skin tones. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of lingerie by accentuating ethnic and body diversity. Nude is committed to being eco-responsible in every step from its production, to local manufacturing and the recuperations of its products at the end of their product lives.


PWR is a vertically integrated Québec based e-tailer of women’s suiting providing the consumer with a sense of empowerment.


Our mission is to create a new consumption-based community through a virtual door-to-door platform. By providing marketing to Quebec-based companies, our company wants to make a difference in Quebec by collaborating with individuals, fund-raising organizations or local product consumers.


UTRHVN is a vertically integrated e-tailer based in Montreal, merging technology and avant-garde design to create accessories for the digital intellectual.

TEAM Whillar

Whillar, a Canadian based outerwear manufacturer, offers men the ultimate blend of performance and tailored aesthetics.