Final Judges

The ENTREPRISE panel of judges is composed of professionals from the fashion industry who share their wisdom and experience in evaluating the business concepts of our graduates.

Andrew Lutfy
Groupe Dynamite

Andrew Lutfy is the dynamic and driving force behind the Garage and Dynamite brands. Andrew joined the company in 1982 at the age of 18 as a stock clerk. He quickly took an active management role which covered most functional areas of the business and acquired a minority ownership interest in the company. In 2002, he became the sole owner of Dynamite Group Inc. To date, he is credited for having developed the vision, as well as the company’s international growth, from 3 stores to more than 250 stores.

His leadership, vision and implication continue to propel and empower his team every day.

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Franco Rocchi
Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing,
Le Château Inc.

Franco Rocchi is the Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Le Château Inc., where he began his retail career 25 years ago.
Franco is proud to be part of a global team that has elevated Le Château to one of Canada’s most respected, successful and fashion-focused brands. With the recent international expansion of Le Château’s chain of specialty stores, Franco Rocchi and the entire team look forward to a continued profitable and shining future.

Mr. Rocchi is also the proud President of the Conseil Regional des Ages Italo-Canadiens, a board that governs the activities of 75 Italo-Canadian Golden Age Clubs, which maintains a membership of over 12,000 members.

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Daniele Henkel
President and Founder,
Les Entreprises Daniele Henkel Inc.

President and founder of Les Entreprises Daniele Henkel Inc. Specializing in commerce and international relations, Danièle Henkel has
extensive experience in the beauty and medical aesthetic industry as well as in management and business development.In 1997, Danièle Henkel established her company, Les Entreprises Daniele Henkel, a year after the creation and commercialization of the RenaissanceTM
Body Glove . Since then, her company became a leader in non-surgical medical aesthetic care. Les Entreprises Daniele Henkel offers high-quality cosmetic products and upscale medical devices to health and beauty professionals. Danièle Henkel is also a pioneer in prevention with the Scientific Laboratory for Food Intolerance TM she started in 2007. Her mission: Elevate the aesthetic industry standards to high level of excellence, ethic and results.

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Adrienne Mara McGrath
Marketing Director,

Marketing Director, JACK & JONES Canada

In 2006, Adrienne McGrath was already dubbed a “PR wunderkind” by The Montreal Gazette for her work at the Denim & Diamonds ball in her role as marketing director for Parasuco.

Then in 2008 she joined the International brands JACK & JONES | VERO MODA as their Canadian Marketing Director. Subsequently launching their very first North American combo location at Carrefour Laval. Now nearly 7 years later, Adrienne is set to help launch the 47th JACK & JONES retail location in Canada, at the West Edmonton Mall this Spring.

Adrienne’s creative nature may have made her a natural at event creation; but she credits her degree from Concordia in Applied Human Relations and a minor in Psychology for giving her the skills it takes to get into a consumer’s psyche. Her specialty is strategic branding and she gives this advice for those following in her career path, “To deliver your brand’s message effectively, the most important thing as a marketer is to start by falling in love with your product and your brand first. Consumers are savvy, you have to be your brand’s first and most devoted ambassador.

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Vyara Ndejuru
Directrice Marketing,
Aldo Group 

With a long-standing fashion love-affair and an economics degree under her belt, Vyara joined forces with Siphay Southidara to launch, YSO, a ready-to-wear label with international ambitions. Recruited by PARASUCO in 2003, Vyara finally settles within the Marketing-Communications department where she helms the labels’ American expansion efforts. Looking for new challenges, Vyara joins ALDO in 2008, where she heads the Marketing Department.

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Semi-Final Judges

Francis Guindon
Public Relations Manager
La Maison Birks

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Alexandra Sauvé
Public Relations & Production
Le Château

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Adrienne Mara McGrath
Marketing Director
Jack & Jones Canada

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Maria Fiorino
Accessories Buyer
Smart Set Division of Reitman’s Canada

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Jean-Philippe Boudreau
Creative and Strategy Director
Bao Baz

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